75% Businesses Failed to Adopt Technology and Automation across their Processes and Functions

46% Businesses Quit Operations without Digital Transformation between 2019-2024

People of HCDS Technologies are equipped with essential technology and tech infra support to bring efficient digital transformation across stakeholders.


Top Global Technology Giants are still unable to deploy digital transformation across 75% Small Businesses and Support at ground levels.

Unit businesses are being acquired by other capitalists at lowest valuation because of market validation

Our technocrats include diversified business verticals and its people with functions and keep them triggered with Enterprising resources


Most of the Founders and its Management people dare to dispose of the major part of capital/funding/investment into personal luxurious stuff to showcase their being Founders/Company Owners status that doesn't give any values.

Plenty of digital transformation resources available across various functions to boost proficiency across Interpersonal Communications, People Engagement, Building Executive Presence, Analytics and Reporting, Branding and Market Reputation, Enhancing Stakeholders Experience.

What We Offer ?

How do we Innovate and Integrate ?


Our resources are available on quarterly billing and will equip your business functions and people to deploy Dynamic and Next-Gen RIGHT Strategies, Advanced Technologies, Powerful Skills Set, Dynamic Processes, Out- the Box Practices, Global Standard Workplaces, Application/Web/Cloud Space, Automated Software, Constitutional & Provisional Legality and On-demand Technical Support to become extraordinary Working Professional with Huge Package, Technopreneur For Building Next StartupGlobal Technical Researcher, Chief Technology Officer, Product Manager, Team Lead, Extraordinary Engineering and Technology Student, Innovative Learner and Corporate Trainee, Co-Founder, Proprietor Services Developer and Company Owner under the Technopreneur Fellowship (TF) by HCDS Technologies.

Enterprise Resources worth INR 10,00,000* (Yes, its Market Value is Above One Million Indian Rupees)

Linked-in Premium Resources (Anyone You Prefer)


Business Premium Four Months, One Licence 

Talent Solutions - Four Months, One Licence 

Ads Campaigns Credits - Total Credit $ 300 

Sales Navigator Enterprise - Four Months, One Licence 

Microsoft Entra (Azure) Enterprise Cloud AccessSponsorship 


Microsoft Entra (Azure) Enterprise Technical Advisory (On-Demand) 


Google Partner Enterprise Cloud Access


AWS Activate Enterprise Cloud Access

Live Mentoring Sessions

Watch on Demand by Google/Meta/AWS/Microsoft Professionals 

Developer Group Membership with Priority Participation at Monthly Get Together / MeetUps

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Business Domain – Locked for You 


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Business Website  

SSL Business Ready to Quickly Launch Website (within 15 Days) 


SSL Domain Naming System (DNS) Services 

Legitimate Club/SHG/Cooperative/Start-Up/Partnership Firm/Company/LLP/OPC Establishment with Complete Business Documentation for Better Compliance 


Premium Corporate Compliance and Constitutional Provisions One Year of Safeguarding and Ligation Addressing at Apex Bodies

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Technology, Infrastructure and Collaboration


Know About Us

Not for Profit, Self Funded and Self Financed Partnership Firm

Partnering in Digital Transformation Journey of POLICY, PEOPLE, PROCESSES, PROJECTS and PRACTICE of Individual Stakeholder.

Join us for People and Business Analytics | Cloud Innovation, Migration, Learning | Gen AI LLM/NLP/Prompt Engineering | Functional and Business Process Automation | Dynamic Software Solutions Development | Social Impact ESG/CSR | Dynamic Re-Skilling and Next-Gen Practices | Research and Development

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Managing Partner, Digital Transformation of People, Policy, Passion, Purpose and Project


Corporate Governance, Legal Solicitation, Stakeholders Advocacy and Business Administration


Business Analyst, Data Scientist and Ex-Trainee